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Year Title Role
1987 Wirlwind City (Movie) Ngok Ling
- Mama Forever  Ting Pau Jun 
- Let Me In Love Again Tang Ya Suen
1990 Whampoa Blues (Not credited)
1990 With Love Ting Ting
1990 Love No Returns Lin Xue Fang
1992 Green Green Grass By The River Du Qing Qing
1993 Ghost Husband Yuan Le Mei
1993 The Eternal Love Yi Wan Lun
1994 Xin Yue Ge Ge Xin Yue
1994 For Better Or Worse Zheng Ru Fang
1995 The Burning Sun Fang Shi Min
1995 Heavenly Ghost Catcher (Special Appearance) Li Fung Jie
1996 The Romance of Three Kingdom (Special Appearance) Xiao Ciao
1996 Unrequited Love Chen Xun Ying
1996  Flower Falls Flower Bloom Xe Lan Xiang
1997 Revenge Over Bitter Love Chen Chiew Xia
1997 Take Care My Love Lin You Feng
1997 4 Sisters Liu Xiao Yuan
1997 Out Of Time Mrs Chan
1997 Lady Of Horoscope, Virgo Zhang Lin
1998 Heaven Sometimes Cries Lo Ran
1998 Wife From China Zhan Yu Lian
1998 The Broken Puppet Shen Nin
1999 Women's Romance Shu Pei Chang
2000 Colorful Pearl Choo Die Yee
2000 A Women's Dream (Special Appearance) Dung Zhi Xing
2001 Lady Warriors of The Yang Family (Special Appearance) Ying Jing
2001 Friendships Cai Ping
2003 Blue Dragon Yu Wan
2004 Heavenly Sword and Chevaliers Tang Ruo Xuan
2005 The Mute Bride Lin Jing-Yun
2006 In Love With Craze  
Notes : The TV series title were literally translated from the Chinese title.  Error might occur.