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Title Take Care My Love
Casts Yue Ling as You Feng, Wang Yu Wen, Tang Zhi Wei, Sun Peng, Liu Qiong, Ding Ye Tian and Zhan Xue Huang. 
Where Modern Taiwan (at present)
  • A 1997 production
  • About 20 episodes
My Rating 5.5/10 (so-so)
  • Synopsis 

This is a touching tale of a poor girl who falls for a handsome rich man, and is ultimately forced to choose between true love and family commitment.

You Feng ran away from home five years ago when her stepfather tried to molest her.  She works hard for a living and falls for the wealthy and charming Bi Hao Wen after saving him from  being knocked down by a car.  Although Hao Wen is attracted to her, he feels that his rich girlfriend, Lily would make a better life partner.

Before You Feng can sort out her love life, her mother who is suffering from cancer, comes looking for her, hoping for a reconciliation before she dies.  She also hopes that You Feng will promise to take care of her two younger siblings.