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Title Green Green Grass By The River
Casts Yue Ling as Qing Qing, Ma Jing Tao as He Shi Wei, Jin Ming as Xiao Cao, Liew Zhi Wei as Shao Qian, He Yin as Shi Liu and He Qing as Hua Yu Ling.
Where China, early 90s
  • Based on Qiong Yao's novel
  • First broadcasted in Taiwan on 17 March 1992
  • 42 episodes
  • Yue Ling's first breakthrough
Directed By Shen Yi
My Rating 7.5/10 (Good)
  • Synopsis 

Xiao Cao and Qing Qing are neighbour and have known each other for more than 10 years.  Every year, Xiao Cao's grandpa, Da Hai will come and visits her.  Unfortunately, months passes and her grandpa has yet to come.  Xiao Cao was disappointed and at the same time, Qing Qing was forced to marry a old man senior than her by 40 years old and have more than enough wives to handle.

During the wedding, Qing Qing ran away and took Xiao Cao along to Yang Zhou hoping to meet up with Xiao Cao's grandpa.  While trying to escape, they jumped into a buggy and meet Shi Wei, who also ran away from home to defy his parent's wishes for an arranged marriage with a girl whom he never met. 

Shi Wei is a nice young man and Xiao Cao liked him very much.  Fear for their safety, Shi Wei promised to send them to Yang Zhou.  Xiao Cao's grandpa has left Yang Zhou when they reached there and due to unforseen circumstances, three of them was forced to stay back.  Shi Wei has to pretend to be a long lost son of a confused blind woman who lost her only son 10 years ago.

At first, they faced a lot of difficulties in their new surrounding but with Shi Wei's caring, Qing Qing's cheerfulness and Xiao Cao's enthusiasm, they slowly warmed everyone's heart.  They later be friend with Shao Qian,  Shao Wen and Shi Liu.  Together, a wonderful friendship started.

A year later, Dai Hai, Xiao Cao's grandpa came back to look for her and it was revealed that Xiao Cao is the granddaughter of the old couple that they have been staying all the while.  It was a happy reunion.  Xiao Cao finally found her own family and Qing Qing and Shi Wei get married.