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Title Ghost Husband
Casts Yue Ling as Yuan Le Mei, Le Zhi Xi as Ke Qi Xuan, Liew Zhi Wei as Han Hong Da, Dong Rui Xin as Yang Wan Li, He Yin as Zhi Yan and He Ru Yun as Xiao Pei 
Where China, early 90s
  • Based on Qiong Yao's novel
  • First broadcasted in Taiwan on 11 November 1993
  • 22 episodes
Directed by Liew Lili
My Rating 9/10 (Very Good)
  • Synopsis 

Ghost Husband is a very touching tales of two lovers who was betrothed when they were babies and because of the hatred between the two families, they were separated for 18 long years.  Yuan Le Mei lost her father when she was only few days old and raised by her mother, Ying Xue.

It was a love at first sight when she met Qi Xuan at a festival.  But unfortunately, the fact is cruel enough that Qi Xuan is the son of Ke Shi Pang who accidentally killed her father 18 years ago.  Because of this, the relationship between Le Mei and her mother became strained.  They went through numerous self-scarification and finally won her mother's blessings.

But things changed drastically when Qi Xuan was disfigured in a fire.  It was a painful truth and because of this, Qi Xuan determined to call off the wedding.  Le Mei lives aimlessly when told that Qi Xuan passed away but decided to marry his name plaque.

Her mother unable to see Le Mei destroyed herself, blurts out the truth.  Le Mei's undying love and constant effort defeats Qi Xuan inferiority finally. 

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