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Written by the Asia's Danielle Steels Qiong Yao, Ghost Husband was set during the early period after Ching Dynasty.  It's a love story between two young generations that was haunted by the old scores and the numerous scarification that they went through.

I like this series for two main reasons.  Great casts and simple storyline.  Yue Ling was excellent here and her performance was to her best deliverance.  Her emotions was expressed with a delicate feature which makes this series worth watching.

This site provides lots of screen shots taken from the series itself, information on the casts and a short synopsis on the story. Also made available are some facts related to the novel and series.

I have recently added a page on viewers' feedback, how they think of this series or whether this series is worth watching.

This series still remains my favourite taiwanese series though I'm no longer favour mandarin speaking drama.  Yue Ling's performance in this series had introduced me to taiwanese series and was the prime reason that turned me into a loyal fan of Qiong Yao's production.

Do also check out my multimedia page for the theme songs from this series.