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Comments from Qiong Yao – the writer of Ghost Husband novel and the producer of the TV series.

Yue Ling is a very fine actress. She really knows how to act. Whatever role she plays, she really makes it come alive. She's also quite pretty. I truly liked her performance in "Mei Hua San Nong - Gui Zhang Fu" (The Plum Flower Trilogy - The Ghost Husband). These few years I haven't been able to collaborate with her due to my projects being filmed in mainland China and her unfitting schedules. On top of that, I was concerned for her health and so there hadn't been any collaboration with her for the time being. I truly admire her performance, and if opportunity arises in the future, I would really like to work with her again.


Comments from yours truly, Scarlett – the webmaster of Yue Ling Angel Homepage

If there is a way to summarise "Ghost Husband" in one word, it's Yue Ling.  I totally agree with Qiong Yao's comments.

She is truly a professional actress that able to master the perfection of face expression and even a little movement of her face looks so convincing.  Her performance is unmatchable and she is truly born to act.

I was just a little school girl chasing after soap drama every evening.  Ghost Husband was aired on my mini telly somewhere in 1996. I don't quite like Taiwanese drama simply because I couldn't understand Mandarin.  It was Yue Ling then that make me discovered the whole idea of acting.  She was very good in Ghost Husband and played the character like no one else.  She lifted the role perfectly well and to be honestly, I have never seen such a sincere acting before.  I need not to know Mandarin to understand this series 'cos Yue Ling had it all shown on her face.  If I ever want to be an actress, it's Yue Ling that I want to be.  I believe this is the greatest achievement of an acting profession.  Having pretty face or cute look will not justify much without a skill in mastering the face expression.

This is a must watch series and I highly recommend this to everyone.  You wanna see a true acting skill, then watch Yue Ling!


Good drama! Tuesday, July 22, 2003
Reviewer: Qiong Yao Fan  

Yue Ling is a good actress. Also see her in "Qing Qing He Bian Cao".


True to its story Monday, August 25, 2003
Reviewer: UK Viewer  

15 years ago I read this story as part of a short collection of stories and in 1997 I read this story again as an extended story with more characters introduced and was rewritten for a TV format but the essence of the story remains pretty much the same. This story always remains one of my favourites. Now that I finally got to watch it on VCDs and I was not disappointed. Simply because the show sticks very closely to the story and all the actors gave a brilliant performance. Also the filming took place I believe in China which captured many beautiful scenery which helped to bring the story alive.


Ghost Husband Thursday, November 20, 2003

Reviewer: nshom 
I truly enjoyed watching this TV Series. It presented ones loyalty to love and friendship in a way that it touches my heart. Watched 2 times already. The songs in this TV series also very pleasant to the ears.


It is super duper touching Monday, November 22, 2004
Reviewer: Anonymous  

Many people will usually say that Qiong Yao's books are all about weeping and sobbing. Yes that might be true but whatever putting your criticisms aside and looking at the storyline? I applaud the cast of this show for their superb acting especially Yue Ling. She doesn't use dialogues alone to express her emotions but every tear is well shed, every expression, even the knit of her brows sweeps the audience into her role. It is as if you are right down listening to every word her heart says. The show is especially touching as the female lead's love for her husband goes beyond the boundaries of life and death. As pretty young eligible girl, she refuses to accept the arrangement or possibly to marry someone else but insists on carrying the guy's tablet to finish the wedding ceremony. This is definitely a show which is different from your usual handsome guy, pretty lady love relationship. Watch how firm the lady is to her love and the perseverance she displays.


Wow!!!! Friday, February 04, 2005
Reviewer: Nance  

I watched this movie three times!!!! and each time, i cried buckets! The first time I used one and a half boxes of Kleenex tissues and my eyes were swollen for the entire series. I could not help it . The story was so touching. It tugged at my heartstrings. Zhi Hsuan and Le Mei played the major roles of 2 individuals who truly loved each other. So touching especially when he took off his mask and she kissed his gruesome disfigured face. I have yet to come across another movie that is such a tear-jerker!


Qiong Yao Zuo Pin Mei Hua San Nong Zhi Er Gui Zhang Fu Sunday, March 27, 2005
Reviewer: Anonymous  

Excellent cast & movies. I have never watched these actors before but I was totally touched by the flawless performance. The female & male main character acting is flawless and the supporting actors are all so talented. I watch this movie 3 times already even though it has 12 DVDs. The songs are so pretty. I am not happy with Qiong Yao’s new novels and movies but this movie is really exceptional. It still captures the original essence of Qiong Yao books which is total loyalty and love, and romance between the actors. Definitely a must buy!


True Love Wednesday, April 13, 2005
Reviewer: N  

I have watched this movie at least 10 times. Each time I use quite a bit of tissue papers. I really love the storyline. You can never imagine how deep a person's love for another can be until you have watched this movie. This is what they term TRUE LOVE to be. Both the male and female leads must have been carefully selected as they really exhibit about just the right chemistry on screen. A must watch movie.


Best QY series ever!!! Sunday, October 23, 2005
Reviewer: sunnysideup001 

I watched this series for like at least 10 times and own every conceivable format of this series. Each time I watch it, I cried so much. My eyes was so sore from all the crying. Get ready buckets and loads of tissue paper. The acting was brilliant!!! If you have to watch just one series, this is the one. The love they have for each other is unbelievable! Yue Ling is so beautiful and her acting is excellent. Don't miss this series.


Ghost Husband Sunday, June 02, 2003
Reviewer: MP from UK 

This story is written by Qiong Yao and it’s full of tragedies. If you are a QY fan, you’ll love it. I was not disappointed by the ending because the heroin and the hero were together. However, I don’t think, in this world, people with bad luck do exist. If you want to know more about the story, you’ll have to buy and watch it. I liked the theme song. This story is the second part of Mei Hua San Long. The first part is a must to watch (i.e. Mei Hua Lao).
Beautiful series!!! Wednesday, November 20, 2004
Reviewer: QY fans

Ghost Husband is my fav Qiong Yao series! I've seen both the Cantonese and Mandarin version. They cut sooo much out of the Cantonese version. I was rather shocked when I saw the Mandarin version. Like for example, I always found it a bit strange that Luo Mei was so steadfast in her love for Qi Xuan, when she wasn't all that fond of him before the 'marriage'. But, after seeing the Mandarin version, I realized that the editors had cut out all those scenes of when Le Mei was thinking about Qi Xuan in the Cantonese version. I mean, it's not much to go by, but it is enough to convince you that despite the conflicts that she went through, Luo Mei did ultimately love Qi Xuan (before the marriage I mean).

And by gosh, Yue Ling is one superb actress. At first, I didn't think she was as pretty as Vivian Chen. But, I soon realized later in the series that Yue Ling has a different kind of beauty. It's more to do with grace and poise, even presence of character. I even think she has much more character and finesse as an actress than Vivian. However, I've always thought that scene at the end (when Qi Xuan sinks back to his depressive state after being called a monster by that kid, and is commanding Le Mei to return home), when Qi Xuan implies that maybe it will only take his 'true' death to convince her to go, Le Mei, shaking with outrage says, "You dare to die again one me, after all I went through for you!"

Or something like that. The line sounds a bit common place, but it really is the way how Yue Ling said it which made it especially memorable. Considering that Le Mei had been so understanding and absolute patient beforehand, for her to go into a spat of spluttering 'almost' rage like that, I though, was quite funny...though completely appropriate.

The first time I watched Ghost Husband (Cantonese) I thought it was a refreshingly new way to portray a love story. I mean, in the love arena, my common view is that everything that needs or wants to be said has already been said. It's difficult not to be cliche. I don't know about others, but when I saw the whole concept about the 'masked' lover I immediately thought of Phantom of the Opera. However, Qiong Yao amazed me by taking the usually cliche techniques and produced something truly unique.

The second time I watched Ghost Husband (Mandarin) I thought, geez, I missed so much...especially considering the Cantonese version cut out the WHOLE series of scenes between the time Le Mei is first told that Qi Xuan is 'dead' and when Le Mei is already 'married' and walking around observing the Qi Family gardens with her mother and mother-in-law. Anyway, I think Yue Ling's voice is much better suited for her character. The Cantonese voice-over sounded rather harsh and more severe than what I'd imagine Le Mei to sound. Also, with the 'extended version' (very LOTR don't you think?), I began to see how absolutely psychological (in a good way) and intelligent the storyline was. I mean, it definitely explored the very limits of the human psyche.

And the was sooo beautiful! The opening song (which I'm actually listening now on Realplayer) is so sweet and reflective of Le Mei. But, the ending song is also very complimentary with that heavenly male singer's voice making your heart bleed with lyrics that so poignantly describes Qi Xuan's helplessness during his 'masking'. I also really like the song that Yue Ling sings herself when she is getting married to the 'dead' Qi Xuan. She's surprisingly good...good pitch (maybe a little wavy on the high notes), strong breath and lots of emotion.


Best show!!! Friday, February 18, 2005
Reviewer: fans no. 1 

I have always liked this show since the first time I saw it on TV years ago. Recently I managed to buy its VCD and watched it again for two times. I love the way Qi Xuan and Le Mei fell in love, so romantic.... I think this is one of the most most touching love story. Most love stories involve handsome guys and pretty girls, I often thought that would they still love each other if he or she is no longer that good looking? Well, Le Mei's love for Qi Xuan thrives beyond good looks and to me, this is true love. Anyway, I think the guy who acted as Qi Xuan is pretty cute.