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This gallery may takes quite a while to download because it contains more than 100 over screenshots. Thanks to Yvonne for all these wonderful screenshots. 

Le Mei and Hong Da went to join a festival at Village Wu Shan.  They sneak out without the permission of their parents.    
As the ceremony began, the villagers started to walk in with their fancy costume and Le Mei was fascinated by their traditions.  A guy with a masked turned back and stared at her.  

Le Mei was disappointed to know that a white fox will be sacrificed for the blessing purposes.  Just when Wan Li is aiming his arrow to that poor animal, Le Mei ran and released the fox.  Le Mei injured her left arm and began to run away. 

Qi Xuan followed behind her and tried to offer his help knowing Le Mei's arm was hurt.  She was afraid and wanted avoid him.  Qi Xuan removed his mask and Le Mei get to know that he was the one that turns back and stared at her at the beginning of the ceremony.   

Le Mei tried to run away and when she nearly fell into the river, Qi Xuan grabbed her and saw the birthmark on her arm.  For that very moment, he know that the lady standing before him is Yuan Le Mei that was betrothed to him 18 years ago.    


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