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  A young couple, Huai Yu and Ying Xue was travelling from far on their footwork to Si Ann, China to seek shelter from their sister.  The cool weather wasn't permitted and the wife who was at that time in her full month pregnancy collapsed.  With the comfort and strength from the husband, she gave birth to their baby daughter under a white plum tree.      

Ke family who happened to pass by saved the couple and offered them a ride since they are heading the same direction.  The new born baby girl has a plum flower shaped birthmark on her left arm and was named Yuan Le Mei.  The couple was grateful for their help and agreed to betroth Le Mei to Ke's family youngest son, Qi Xuan. 

Just when all is well, disaster strike.  On their way to Si Ann, they bumped into a gang of robbers.  They was threatened to surrender all their valuables when Le Mei and her mother was held by them as hostages.  Shi Pang, Qi Xuan's father refuse to let go all his belonging and shows off his ignorance towards their threats. 

Huai Yu who doesn't understand Shi Pang's intention started to panic.  To worsen the matter, Huai Yu tried to snatch the knife, the weapon that was pointed at Ying Xue and Shi Pang fought for it too.  Unfortunately Shi Pang accidentally stabbed Huai Yu and he passed away on the spot.  The hatred between this two families began.       

Being the only child, Le Mei was carefully brought up and look after by Ying Xue.  Years passed, season changed and Le Mei grew up into a sweet young 18 year old lady.   Hong Da, the second son of Han family is Le Mei's bosom, childhood companion and also her cousin brother where they grew up together.  Le Mei has a maid named Xiao Pei.  She is kind, simple minded, innocent and extremely naive young lady.

One day, Hong Da took Le Mei to a festival at a nearby village and there she met Qi Xuan.  Le Mei hurts her arm while trying to help a white fox to escape from being scarified.  She then run away after realising she has spoiled the occasion.  She exhaustedly ran to a lake with Qi Xuan following closely behind her.  She was afraid of him and decided to run away again.  Le Mei nearly fall into the lake and Qi Xuan grabbed her arm and instantly recognised her when he saw a birth mark on her left arm.  

Few days after that, they met each other again and this time, Qi Xuan presents her a frame of a white fox, similar to the animal that she let go the other day.  Shyly she accepted it and promised to return the money to Qi Xuan later.  Once again, they bumped into each other during the Moon Cake festival and Qi Xuan confessed his feeling towards her but didn't reveal much about himself for he is sure that Le Mei will avoid him if she finds out that he is Ke Qi Xuan, the son of her father's "murderer".  Le Mei was really overjoyed and thought Qi Xuan is her future husband, chosen by her family.  The next morning, Qi Xuan and his parents came to propose.  Ying Xue gets furious the moment she saw Qi Xuan's parents and objected to the proposal.  Le Mei later found out the truth and promised not to see Qi Xuan anymore.

Qi Xuan then quietly arranged for a plan to meet up with Le Mei with the helps of Hong Da and Xiao Pei.  Ying Xue get to know this and immediately stopped Le Mei from seeing him.  Le Mei obeyed but got annoyed when she learned that her mother has accepted a wedding proposal on her behalf.  She was then chased out from the house and starts crying.  Le Mei ran towards to Qi Xuan's house in hopes to meet up with him but unfortunately fell through a cliff and injured herself badly.

A search was quickly set up to look for Le Mei and her mother was horrified when Hong Da carried Le Mei in his arms.  Starting to cry, Ying Xue felt sorry and guilty to Le Mei.  Qi Xuan immediately ran to Le Mei when he found out the news.  Her mother gets furious, pulled his hair and blamed Qi Xuan for this unfortunate incident but later realised that she was wrong.  Qi Xuan's best friend, Wan Li who is a doctor take charge of Le Mei and she recovered very soon. 

Ying Xue was moved by Qi Xuan's strong determination and his undying love to Le Mei.  How would a mother be not touched by the tears and love of a man?  She finally accepted the wedding proposal after so many obstacles they have been through.  By this time, Qi Xuan's house came a new maid named Zhi Yan.  Zhi Yan is a very enthusiasm and caring young lady thus she was assigned to serve Qi Xuan's granny.  Behind the cheerful appearance, no one will ever suspect that she came with hatred and to avenge the death of her mother whom was a maid of Ke's family many years ago and later kicked out for having affair with a cousin of Shi Pang.  She then gave birth to a baby girl and unable to find a proper job, she later became a prostitute.  She led a destitute life, suffered from nerves breakdown and passed away.  Zhi Yan came with angst and want to repay back for what Ke's family have done to her mother.     

Zhi Yan has few times attempted to put poison into Qi Xuan's granny food but she pulled back last minutes for that old granny was a compassionate woman and loves her very much.  At this moment, Qi Xuan was happily prepared for his wedding and looking forward for this wonderful marriage.  One night, Zhi Yan couldn't take it anymore and her angst is waiting to explode.  She decided that if she couldn't avenge for her mother, she will destroy their family wealth by burning their store room located at the back of the house.  The fire went and spreads all over the place and Zhi Yan started to alert everyone.  All was safe except for Qi Xuan.  He was trapped and Wan Li rushed in to rescue him.  

He was badly injured and his whole body was completely exposed to the fire.  Wan Li tried his best to save him and he almost give up at a time for Qi Xuan's condition was critical.  After months of depression, finally some improvement have been seen on Qi Xuan's progress.  He is now able to talk although he sounds hoarse.  With the encouragement from the family, he recovered bit by bit and months passed.  Their wedding day is drawing nearer and Le Mei was told that due to granny's sickness, the wedding has to be postponed.  At last, Qi Xuan is fully recovered and after removing the bandage from his body, he look into mirror for the first time and screamed after seeing his disfigured face.  He rushed towards a well and jump into it but was hindered by Wan Li.  He has no more desire to live on for he is no longer himself and his future was destroyed.  The fire had not only burnt his looks and physical appearance but also his passion and will of living.  He promised to live on with one condition, and that is to inform Le Mei that the marriage is now cancelled and he has died.  He does this for the love he has towards Le Mei.  He couldn't bear the consequences if Le Mei sees his disfigured face.  He wants Le Mei to have a normal wedded life, a normal husband who is able to give her love and caring.  For all these, the selfless Qi Xuan determined not to see Le Mei anymore.

Le Mei lives aimlessly and became more and more discouraged as each day passed by. She insisted to be brought to Qi Xuan's graveyard to witness herself and a fake one was made.  Le Mei banged herself against the graveyard and was stopped by her mother.  For the following few days, Le Mei was very weak and refused to eat.  She crumbles in her mother's arms and finally speak out.  She insisted to marry to Qi Xuan's name plaque.  It was a sad and unhappy wedding ceremony.  No laughter, joy but tears and as time passes, Le Mei managed to settle down and confront herself with the reality that her husband is no longer in this world.

With the arrival of Le Mei, Qi Xuan moved to the backyard of the house and locked himself all day long.  Qi Xuan misses Le Mei very much and often visits her by standing outside the room just to have a look at her.  One night, Le Mei met Qi Xuan but unable to recognise him.  It was told that he is the family's gardener, Lao Ke.  With his cripple movement, hoarse voice and masked face, Le Mei was convinced that he is the gardener of the family.  Le Mei visited Qi Xuan everyday because Lao Ke has the ability to tell her more about Qi Xuan.  Qi Xuan comforted her and at the same time voiced out his feelings towards Le Mei through Lao Ke.  Qi Xuan has earlier told Le Mei that he (as Lao Ke) has a very close relationship with Qi Xuan and has the ability to "communicate" with him.  To worsen the matter, Zhi Yan quietly sent to Le Mei's room the poem and drawing that Qi Xuan has prepared.  Le Mei lives under the shadow of having a "Ghost Husband" and continued seeing Qi Xuan despite her mother objection.

Qi Xuan later moved to Wan Li's house and Le Mei was very sad when she learned Qi Xuan has left.  With a broken heart, she went to Wan Li's house and told him about Lao Ke.  She has actually attracted to Lao Ke because of his ability to share with her Qi Xuan's feelings.  She began more discouraged and wants to end her life so that she can reunite with Qi Xuan.  She was saved by Xiao Pei and her mother unable to see her destroy herself, blurts out the truth and she find the will to live again.  After much consultation, Qi Xuan agreed to move back to their house.       

His confidence towards Le Mei's love for him falls and she has gone through a constant efforts to defeats his inferiority.  Le Mei's eternity love has moved Qi Xuan when he decided to remove his mask infront of Le Mei.  They have a proper wedding again and this time full of laughter and joy.  The prepared to welcome their baby and lived happily ever after.