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Title The Blue Dragon
Casts Yue Ling as Yu Wan, Song Yi Min as Tian Bao, Zhang Ming Jie as Zhu Sig Wei, Wang Hu De as Emperor Qinglong and You An Shen as Lian Hui. 
Where China, Tang Dynasty
  • A 2003 production
My Rating 6/10 (average)
  • Synopsis 

In the third year of Emperor Tongzhi (1864 AD), the Tai Ping revolution had been defeated and only a few ruffians remain causing some trouble. In Zhangzhou, Wancong Pass, there is a village which has just been pillaged by the Tai Ping rebels and General Lin Wenho rescues Qinglong and Tianbao from the battle and takes them in as his adopted sons and companions for his own daughter Yuwan. However Lin death is brought on by Zhu Sigwei and the three are left in the care if Lian Hui, Zhu then beats Lin's men into "Under citizens". Ten years later, Lian has cared for them as well has his elder brother did, Qinglong is bold and honourable with great vigour, Tianbao is more literary with great intelligence and Yuwan is deeply attracted to him, Qinglong is also in love with her but based on his lifelong friendship with Tianbao, he can only bury his feelings for her in his heart and sear that he will spend his life looking after Tianbao and Yuwan.

Qinglong and Tianbao are bought up by a human trader and find themselves in Taiwan, Yuwan was supposed to be sold to a brothel, but are rescued by brother and sister Jin Biao and Qun Ying so she follows them in a life of performance. When Qinglong, Tianbao, Yuwan and Qun Ying meet, Qinglong's martial arts are improved greatly under the coaching of Jin Biao and Qun Ying's love for Qinglong develops over their time together, but Tianbao's love for Yuwan also grows daily, the love affairs of the four are gradually borne out, creating extra problems for these young people in addition to the vengeance they seek for their country and family in the guise of painful emotional problems. On the other hand, Zhu is both creating religious power to mislead the public and create his own armies and local authority, then also cooperating with the Japanese to fulfil his desire to take over the rule of Taiwan.