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Title Flower Falls Flower Bloom
Casts Yue Ling as Xe Lan Xiang, Chin Han as Xia Hai Mok, Jia En Jun as Ker Er and Yang Bao Wei as Lin Xian. 
Where Modern Taiwan (at present)
  • A 1996 production
  • 30 episodes
My Rating 7/10 (Good)
  • Synopsis 

Lan Xiang is a married woman with two small kids.  She had never thought her marriage would come to the end so fast.   Her husband left her for another woman and was asked to move out from the house.

Sadly, she moved to a small apartment with the kids and meet Hai Mok, her neighbour.  Hai Mok is not a stranger to her as they were ex-schoolmates and she was later introduced to Ke Er, a friend of Hai Mok.  

Lan Xiang was persuaded to work with Ke Er as his Personal Assistant and they both falls in love.  Due to many many reasons, they broke off and he married with Lin Xian.

Lan Xiang faced some difficulties with her children as small kids are quite sensitive especially without their father.  Fortunately, Hai Mok is always there to help her and gave her encouragement.  She finally able to set herself free from the shadow of her failure marriage and later tied knot with Hai Mok.  She deserves for a good husband and she knows that Hai Mok is the one.


* This series earns Yue Ling best actress nomination