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Title For Better Or Worse
Casts Yue Ling as Zhen Ru Fang, Lin Rui Yang as Fung Zhi Ming, Shi Yu as Yu Guo Qing, Xiao Qiang as Shun Xiao Lan and Yu Fang as Shao Wei. 
Where Modern Taiwan (at present)
  • A 1994 production
  • 44 episodes
My Rating 6/10 (Worth watching)
  • Synopsis 

Fung Zhi Ming is a top surgeon in USA and came back to Taiwan after his marriage failed.  With a broken heart, he lead his life alone in Taiwan and he met a nice and beautiful doctor, Ru Fang.  They worked in the same hospital and as time passes by, love blossom between them.  

Zhi Ming has a pleasant personality and instantly got recognition from the hospital management and patients.  This caused an anger in Guo Qing, who is also one of the doctor there and always aiming for the supervisor position.  Guo Qing went after Ru Fang as her uncle can be the key to his success.  Zhi Ming was indecisive in making his confession towards Ru Fang and Guo Qing almost got her but failed when he was seen with another girl.

Just when all is well, Xiao Lan, Zhi Ming's wife came back all the way from USA hoping to reconcile with him.  She bring back not only herself but a big secret hidden behind.  On Ru Fang's and Zhi Ming's wedding day, it was revealed that Xiao Lan is suffering from breast cancer and almost into the full term of her pregnancy.  She has been scheduled for an operation on that day and insisted Zhi Ming to be at her side.  He ran away from the church leaving Ru Fang behind after knowing the truth. 

Xiao Lan safely delivered the baby and went back to her family in USA to spend her last few months with them.  This is a cliff hanger story leaving the viewers to guess the ending.