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Title Xin Yue Ge Ge
Casts Yue Ling as Princess Xin Yue, Liu De Kai as Nu Da Hai, Liew Zhi Wei as Ji Yuan, Lu Wen as Luo Ling and Wan Zhi Xia as Yan Ji.
Where Ching Dynasty
  • Based on Qiong Yao's novel
  • First broadcasted in Taiwan on 17 April 1995
  • 28 episodes
  • Heavy investment in costume
Directed by Shen Yi
My Rating 7/10 (Worth watching)
  • Synopsis 

Xin Yue is the beloved princess of King Duan.  She was urged to run away with her brother after their kingdom was defeated in a war.  Accompanied by her two loyal servants, she and her brother escaped but nearly fail as the enemies are approaching fast.      

She tried to escape but fell off a sand-cliff and General Nu who happens to pass by saved her life.  Being the children of a loyal warrior who died for the country, both Xin Yue and her brother was adopted as the Empress' godchildren. General Nu then offered them shelter at his home.

Xin Yue was welcomed and loved by everyone especially Yan Ji, General Nu's wife.  His son, Ji Yuan falls instantly for Xin Yue and Luo Ling treats her like a sister. But unfortunately Xin Yue fell in love with General Nu when her little brother got sick and both of them took care of him.  Their love became unleashed as they spent days and nights together for nearly two months.

Xin Yue was rejected by the family and later her "Ge Ge" title was stripped off.  Their love proven to be eternal when Xin Yue stabbed herself after General Nu killed in a war.