1. Lovers (Opening Theme Song)
2 Never Regret In Loving You (Ending Theme Song)
3. Reunion
4. Plum Blossom Trilogy (minus one music)
5. You are the sign of my heart (minus one music)

What Scarlett has to say about this album?

I like this album very much.  The songs here are some of the best TV serials theme songs  ever penned down by Qiong Yao.  The selection of singers and type of songs were carefully done.  I admired the effect that the songs brought when it was put into the TV serials.  It bring out so much of emotions and able to relay the story directly to the audience.

The main theme song by Chiang Yu Herng was really good and his vocals was suitable enough to sing this song.  Ye Huan's performance for the opening theme song was another credit to this album.  Her voice was powerful and able to give a sad opening to this series.

This album comes with a nice lyrics book with the photos of the singers.  Such a wonder!!

Is it worth my money buying it?

Absolutely!  The songs featured here were all classic and has it own ways to memerise you with the scores and lyrics.