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1. Green Green Grass By The River (Opening Theme Song)
2 The Spring
3. I'm a little Xiao Cao (Ending Theme Song)
4. Xiao Cao

What Scarlett has to say about this album?

A bit of disappointment after I heard the songs here.  It was the cover that I like and thought it's another full production of Qiong Yao's theme songs.  Only 3 songs here which are related to GGGBTR.  This is a compilation of Taiwanese serials theme songs but mostly are Hokkien songs. 

Kau Sen Mei was really excellent here with her performance.  It totally liven up this series with her opening theme song.  Her voice was flawless and it's worth listening again.

Is it worth my money buying it?

It's up to you but I would suggest you record these songs from somewhere else.