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Title Wan Jun
Casts Jin Ming as Little Wan Jun, Yu Xiao Fan as Wan Jun, Shi Yu and Cheng Pei Hua.  
Where China, early 90s 
  • based on Qiong Yao's novel
  • First series under Six Dreams Trilogy
  • A 1988 production 
My Rating 7/10 (Good)
  • Synopsis 

Wan Jun was betrothed at the age of six to the eldest son of a wealthy family.  The gap of age was practically the reason why Wan Jun was much more closer to his two younger brothers.  Years passed, season changed and they all began to mature.  Wan Jun grew up into a young beautiful lady.  The three brothers at the same time show their interest on Wan Jun and that began the rivalry between them.

The whole incident has upset the family especially their mother.  Wan Jun was blamed for the misfortune and was chased out from the house.  She left with her maid and lead a poverty life.  Years later when she was alone walking on the street, she met her husband and they reunited at last.