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  • Born on 15 October 1968 in Taipei, Taiwan.
  • Was named Lui Mei Hua in birth certificate records 
  • A Libra in Western horoscope and a Monkey in Chinese zodiac
  • Stands at 162 cm tall
  • Weight around 47 to 51 kg
  • Blood Type : B
  • Assumed her stage name as Yue Ling after ventured into show biz 
  • English Name : Leen
  • Favorite Food :  Pudding, milk and fruit
  • Favorite Sports : Badminton, hiking, golfing, swimming and jogging
  • Favorite Actor (Hollywood) : Denzel Washington
  • Favorite Actor (Asia) : Ko Shi Shuen and Chen Zen Kuang
  • Favorite Actress (Hollywood) : Susan Sarandon
  • Favorite Actress (Asia) : Gui Yah Lui and Chen Sa Sa
  • Favorite City : Taiwan
  • Best Friend (In show biz) : Zhang Shi
  • Favorite Animal : Dogs
  • Most sexy part of the body : Eyes
  • Dislikes Food : Meat and oily rice dumpling
  • Not quite pleased with : Her height, too short
  • Dream and Goal : To win the Best Actress Award before consider retiring from acting
  • Plan after quits acting : To further study in New York and become an image consultant.



  • Joined acting class after completed high school education
  • Do part-time modelling
  • Appeared in few MTVs and most notable in Wong Kit's video clips
  • At the age of 20, got her first part in "Whirlwind City"
  • 1992 was a breakthrough year.  She was plucked out of obscurity after the airing of "Green Green Grass By The River".
  • Her career being cemented with her subsequent hit love TV series, "Ghost Husband" in 1993
  • In the same year, for the first time, Yue Ling's sole song (duet with Cheng Chee Hwa) was released under the album, "Plum Blossom Trilogy"
  • A year later, 1994 witnesses two Yue Ling's successful TV series, "Princess Xin Yue and For Better Or Worse"
  • Her role as "Lan Xian" in "Flower Falls Flower Bloom" won her a nomination for Best Actress Award in 1996
  • Yue Ling made 5 TV series in 1997
  • In 1999, she was away in USA to study English and return to Taiwan in the same year to work on "Women's Romance" TV series
  • Yue Ling was dropped from the casting list for "Hua Yuan Jia" TV series, a China-Taiwan production
  • "Colorful Pearl" shooting ended after a year of filming and installation in 2000
  • Her face was seen on promotional leaflets and local Taiwanese magazines as the ambassador for FEMME jewellery. 
  • Yue Ling ventured into another profession after being chosen as the spokeperson for C-Face, USA cosmetics for Asia's markets.
  • In 2001, Yue Ling was casted as Princess Ying Jing in Director Li Guo Li's TV series, "Lady Warriors Of The Yang Family", a collaboration project between Hong Kong and Taiwan. 
  • 2003 saw Yue Ling back in the lime light with her involvement in "Blue Dragon", a Taiwanese costume drama.
  • She was offered the lead female role in "Heavenly Sword and Chevaliers" opposite Shao Feng and thru this series, she set precedent in Mainland China.  This series was one of the biggest TV series in China with a heavyweight casts and whacked a massive production fee of NTD60 million .
  • In 2005, Yue Ling returned to work on "The Mute Bride"and  gained recognition for her role.  This series was highly successful in Mainland China.
  • She completed the shooting of "In Love with craze" in August 2006 and thereafter retired from her acting career.
  • She is currently living in Vancouver, Canda.



  • Her love for animals especially dogs earned her respect from the media.  She had moved house at least 4 times due to complaints received from the neighbours on her pet.
  • She authored and released a book on stray dogs in Winter 2005.
  • She once dated Taiwanese actor, Xie Ju Wu in 1997 for nearly 2 years.  In 2005, they were paired as couple in "The Mute Bride".  This series was a huge success.
  • Yue Ling once stated that her less favourable role is as Xin Yue in "Xin Yue Ge Ge".  However, this series was her most popular series in China and have slotted for few re-run due to demand.
  • She earned pay cheque of NTD480,000 per episode of "The Mute Bride" for a total of 35 sets.
  • The Mute Bride series raked in the highest rating viewership in Harbin, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Hubei and Nanjin.
  • To prepare for her roles in all Qiong Yao's series, she often locked herself in the trailer before every shooting that requires tears.  To win the formula of crying demanded by Qiong Yao, she needs to set her feeling on a passive mode to help her at ease with the crying scene.  
  • Yue Ling was picked out of more than 200 hopeful candidates to play the role "Qing Qing" in Green Green Grass By the River that catapulted her stardom.
  • Yue Ling often gave praises and respect to Author Qiong Yao in most of her interviews with media.