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Almost 70% of Yue Ling's works were based on Taiwanese novels.  Some of these novels have concreted her career and made her one of the most recognised faces in Taiwan.  This site focuses on her TV serials adapted from novels.  Full reference of these novels are made available should you be interested to purchase it.


Green Green Grass By The River by Qiong Yo Title: Green Green Grass By The River
Author: Qiong Yao
Year of Publication : 1992
Publisher : CROWN, Taiwan
Format: Paperback, 259 pages.
ISBN : 957-33-0715-4 
Fast Facts :  Qiong Yao's No. 46 novels.
Description : When it comes to Qiong Yao's novels, I assume no introduction is required.  This book takes you on a journey to discover the true meaning of family's love.  Grab this book if you are Mandarin literate and enjoy yourself.  Also find out which parts were removed before the story is being put on screen.  You might be surprised!!     
Ghost Husband by Qiong Yao Title: Ghost Husband
Author: Qiong Yao
Year of Publication : 1993
Publisher : CROWN, Taiwan
Format: Paperback, 266 pages
ISBN : 957-33-1017-1 
Fast Facts : The only Qiong Yao's novels without serial no.
Description: If you enjoyed Qiong Yao's other novels, chances are you'll love this one too.  This was originally written by Qiong Yao and the contents was slight revised by Phang Shu Jun which could be the reason why this novel unnumbered.  This spectacular novel talks about the undying love of a man and a woman, and the obstacles they faced to be together. 
Xin Yue Ge Ge by Qiong Yao Title: Xin Yue Ge Ge
Author: Qiong Yao
Year of Publication : 1994
Publisher : CROWN, Taiwan
Format: Paperback, 237 pages.
ISBN : 981-00-6046-7  
Fast Facts : Qiong Yao's No. 49 novels.
Description: Continuing from her previous chronicles, Qiong Yao fills out the life of a young princess, Xin Yue who falls for a man twice her age and the hardship of her life.  This tale of love and passion starts off slow, it picks up in the second-half as secrets of her love unfold slowly.   

For Better or Worse by Liu Fan Zhen


Title: For Better Or Worse
Author: Liu Fan Zhen
Year of Publication : 1994
Publisher : Joy Book, Taiwan
Format: Paperback, 219 pages.
ISBN : 957-8837-50-X
Description : Many may not know that this series was adapted from a novel.  Published and made into a TV series in the same year, this story is about a married man, Zhi Ming who found himself trapped in a triangle love.  Who he settles for in the end, his wife or his new love will leave you hooked.    
(Photo Image : courtesy of Lee Yien)    

Flower Falls Flower Bloom by Wah Yen Title: Flower Falls Flower Bloom
Author: Wah Yen 
Year of Publication : 1980
Publisher : Yau Sheng Pte Ltd, Taiwan
ISBN: 957-630-0936-6
Format: Paperback, 325 pages.
Description : Penned by one of Taiwanese most prolific novelist, this novel revolves around Lan Xiang, a woman in her 30s who discovers that her husband is having an affair with her best friend.  Now he's ready to leave her, and their two kids for his newfound love. Lan Xiang doesn't blame herself and passively accept everything, instead she turns herself into a new leaf and being desired again.
(Photo Image : courtesy of Lee Yien)  
The Eternal Love by Shen Ya


Title: The Eternal Love
Author: Shen Ya
Year of Publication : 1982
Publisher : Wan Shen Pte Ltd, Taiwan
ISBN: 957-628-716-2
Format : Paperback, 306 pages 
Description : This is the story of Yi Wan Lun, a young lawyer hoping to find success in her career but encounters a complicated love relationship.  Despite her wish for a quiet life, more unexpected events rolling in for her.     
(Photo Image : courtesy of Lee Yien)