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  • Alternate Yue Ling Fan Page
    - This site is entirely dedicated to Yue Ling and here you can find some news and pictures on her.  Nothing much though and it has been quite silent for some times.  If you have a second, do visit this site.  In English.

  • Official Yue Ling Youtube Page
    - If you love the great theme songs from Yue Ling TV series, this is the page you have been looking for.  This channel is own by me and exclusively set up in complimentary to this website.  Loads of excellent songs and video can be found here particularly Yue Ling's work in Qiong Yao's TV series.  Enjoy!!
  • Ghost Husband Fan Page
    - This site has great information on the cast, storyboard and other related info for this classic hit series.  In Mandairn


  • Yue Ling on Drama Wiki  
    - The official page of Yue Ling on this popular online encyclopedia site.  This site has rapidly grown over the years with information of other asian celebrities.  In English.  Worth visiting.
  • Yue Ling on IMDb
    - Finally Yue Ling has got herself a page on this worldwide celebrities yellowpages.  Not much of info though.  This is open to their members for editing and if you are one, do contribute some facts to build this page.  In English.  
  • The Mute Bride Official Site
    - The official website of this series.  It has great length of information, casts, story and production news.  In Chinese.
  • Yue Ling's Muzi Net Page
    - A small forum hosted by China Muzi Net for Asia's celebrities.  In the guestbook column, you can meet some of Yue Ling's fans and to also vote for her as the most popular China Star.  In English.
  • Yue Ling's Page at Chinese Movie Database
    - A site hosted by for Chinese celebrities.  Here you can find details of Yue Ling's TV series.  Interesting site to visit though it doesn't contains any of her recent works.  In English.
  • Yue Ling Forever Yahoo Group
    -  A discussion group on Yue Ling and her current news.  This is a private viewing website.  Membership is required for posting and reading messages posted here.  In English.
  • Yue Ling Yahoo Group  
    -  A yahoo group set up for Yue Ling to share her photo and latest news with her fans.  This is a private viewing website.  Membership is required for posting and reading messages posted here.  In English.


  • Yue Ling Forum on SPCNET
    - A public message board hosted by SPCNET where fans gathered around to share latest news on Yue Ling and her photos.  Please note that sign in is required to post message.  Reading and downloading photos are not restricted.  In English.
  • Mute Bride Forum on SPCNET
    - The most active board that I found discussing about this series.  Lots of photos available.  Judging from the posts here, you will surely know that this series has achieved a positive reviews among the audiences and they loved it.  In English.
  • Mute Bride Forum on AsianFanatics Forum
    - Another discussion board on this series.  It makes quite an interesting reading.  Again, sign in is required to participate in the discussion.  In English.


  • Ghost Husband
    - A short review on this series by SPCNET writer.  This is a personal review and doesn't represent any form of critics from public.  In English.
  • Princess Xin Yue
    - Another review on Yue Ling's TV series from the list of Taiwanese series available on SPCNET website. In English.