The Yue Ling story began in 1968, where she was born as Lui Mei Hua on 15 October in Taiwan.  She learned to be independent from a very young age as both her parents passed away when she was only few years old.  She spent her early living with her sisters and was later adapted by a woman, who is now her foster mother.

Despite growing up in a different atmosphere from other kids, Yue Ling has never been more thankful for what she has.  After completing her high school education, Yue Ling joined the acting school and assumed the stage name "Yue Ling".  Before catching the eye of the nation, she modeled for local magazines as well as appearing in few video clips and probably her most well-known appearance was in Dave Wang's Music TV.

But this did not kill her passion for acting.  At the age of 20, she got her fist outbreak when she played a supporting role in "Whirlwind City" on her first movie debut and found herself working with one of Asia's most popular actor/singer, Andy Lau.  Shortly after that, Yue Ling makes a transition into full time TV serials actress and continues acting in more TV dramas, "Let Me In Love Again", "Love No Returns" and "Mama Forever".

Despite her contentment and willingness to stay out of the limelight, fate had other plans for young Yue Ling.  In 1992, her career changed dramatically when she was handpicked by Qiong Yao, one of Taiwanese top author and need a young lady to interpret the character of "Qing Qing" that she has written for her "Green Green Grass By The River" novel.  She was looking for a special kind of lady and Yue Ling landed the role.

"Green Green Grass By the River" was released as a TV series and first premiered in Taiwan.  It instantly become a global phenomenon and has clearly set the path for Yue Ling's career.  Her name was soon identified with romantic love TV series.  In the next few years, she was plucked out of obscurity with the public airing of this series in Hong Kong, China, Malaysia and Singapore.

Her career was concreted with her next released TV series, "Ghost Husband" in 1993, another adaptation from Qiong Yao's novel.  With her outstanding performance, Yue Ling again scored numerous attention and put her to a higher level of her career.  Anyone who has seen her performance in "Ghost Husband" know that there will be no one after Yue Ling to play the role of "Le Mei".  Qiong Yao was very impressed with her acting and signed her onto another role in "Xin Yue Ge Ge".

Having acted in three Qiong Yao's novels based TV series, Yue Ling has gone from a struggling actress to one of the most recognisable Taiwanese's actress.  Yue Ling's talents and classic feature have remained remarkably resilient in the 10-odd years since she started her career but what really has distinguished Yue Ling is her delicate touch on all her performances.  Her ability to act and talents has endeared her to thousands all over the world.

After a string of impressive roles in Qiong Yao's costume TV serials with "Xin Yue Ge Ge" being her last TV series adapted from Qiong Yao's novel. Yue Ling continued doing acting in more modern TV dramas.  With a strong list of casts in "For Better Or Worse" such as Kevin Lin, Yue Ling, Shi Yu and Xiao Qiang, it was very well received. 

Her biggest achievement came in 1996 where she was nominated for the Best Actress Award for her performance in "Flower Falls, Flower Bloom".  Having being crowned as the Best Actress would be the ultimate goal and the dream of actresses.  Although the nomination did not bring much glory to Yue Ling, her talents wasn't unnoticed and offers started rolling in for her.  In 1997 alone, Yue Ling has acted 5 TV serials and due to the hectic schedule, she fell sick twice that year!!

Beside acting, Yue Ling also does TV advertisements and had before this modeled for few local ads.  She also owns a boutique, a joint partnership with her sister.  The boutique is managed by her sister since Yue Ling is often away from home for filming.

Being a rather shy and quiet, Yue Ling is a reserved person and enjoys her own privacy.  She is a consummate lady who enjoys doing house works and groceries.  Her hobbies includes jogging, yoga, playing badminton and swimming.  But she is probably happiest, aside from acting, of course, just going for a walk in the woods with her dogs.  She takes care of more than 15 dogs which have been dumped by their owners due to sickness and disability.  Most of the dogs have recovered under her treatment.

In a career that now spans nearly 20 years, Yue Ling has acted in more than 30 TV series and has worked alongside Taiwanese mega stars.  Her ability to master accents, to register the most exquisite emotions in her face and making it look so easy all the time has made her one of drama series best actress in Asia.  Whatever her part, she performed with a touch of pathos that made her role a memorable one.

In 2006, Yue Ling left the show business and currently residing in Vancouver, Canada.


(Written by Scarlett for Yue Ling Angel Homepage with reference from numerous sources.)